Mental Health Resources

Mental Health Support 

Supporting community mental health is a top priority of the mid-Valley Suicide Prevention Coalition. Click the links below to learn more. 

Accessing Mental Health Services 

1. Polk County Behavioral Health - Get connected to Polk County Behavioral Health services. 

2. Marion County Behavioral Health - Get connected to Marion County Behaviroal Health services. 

3. Yamhill County Health and Human Services - Get connected to Yamhill county mental health services and other community ressources.   

4. Behavioral Health Across the State - Access other mental health resources from across the state of Oregon. 

5. Stronger Oregon - Search for a therapist in your area and filter based on insurance, age of client, or other specific needs.

Youth Mental Health 

1. Seize the Akward - The Size the Akward campaign helps breakdown the stigma around asking others about mental health through videos, helpful tips, and examples of how to ask. This teen-focused resource helps us refine our skills on how to ask someone if they are okay. 

2. My Team - Learn how to have the conversation about mental health with your teen. 

3. Net Smart - Learn more about internet safety and the impact internet use has on youth mental health. 


1. Nation Instritue of Mental Health (NIMH) - Learn more about anxiety from the NIMH including risk factotrs, warning signs, and coping skills. 

2. Anxiety and Depression Association of America - Learn some tips and tricks for coping with anxiety. 

3. Children's Hospital of Colorado - Learn about some anxiety coping skills for youth and teens. 


1. Nation Instritute of Mental Health (NIMH) - Learn more about depression, including risk factotrs, warning signs, and coping skills. 

2. National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) - Learn about  depression, including symptoms and next steps for wellness. 

3. Mental Health America  -  Learn coping skills for managing despression. 



Upcoming Events

Important Hotline Numbers

Polk County Crisis Line


Psychiatric Crisis Center


Northwest Human Services

(503) 581-5535 or 1-800-560-5535

National Suicide Prevention Hotline


National Veteran Crisis Hotline

1-800-273-8255 Press 1

Veterans text


Oregon Youthline


Teens Text

TEEN2TEEN to 839-863

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